Introducing Storehouse, a nice application I ran accross during my daily browsing on the web. Their main goal is to help people easily write beautiful stories and share them. Check their introduction video below.

Writers get to your new Storehouse account and start sharing 😉

Google Reader is shutting down

Google announced yesterday that it would turn off its RSS feeds reader Google Reader. Personnaly, I’ve been using Google Reader since 2008 and really loved it. I think Google never really tried monetizing this service and is now shutting it down because it costs too much money to maintain. I must admit I miss the times when Google was just launching a whole bunch of awesome apps for free and focused mainly on creativity, innovation and bringing a better user experience to the web.

Anyway, we’re already seeing a whole bunch of alternatives to Google Reader just popping out all over the web. While browsing through these new apps, I ended up on the digg Blog and they are trying to build a replacement for Google Reader.


The thing that looks amazing to me with this project is that they are actually asking for us users’ contribution to try and build the best RSS feed reader possible. I am going to give them feedback and if you’re interrested in supporting this project by giving some of your time, we may all end up with a pretty good service.

You can subscribe to the mailing list –> there

Square UI

Square UI is a new Flat UI kit from Design Modo !!

Components really look awesome ! This kit gives you everything you need to give your website a cool and professional design. You can check this UI kit right here.

Square UI also comes in a free PSD version. This version provides less components than the premium version but still has the same really professional feel.

Go check it out !

Facebook News Feed Redesign

Facebook decided to completely redesign his newsfeed. The key words here are space and unification.

This new version of the facebook newsfeed gives you a larger version of your friends photos, posts, places where they check-in ….

It also really focuses on unifying the user experience across all devices and helping users accessing their favourite feeds through new quickly acessible filters.

Having reached more than 1 billion users, Facebook is now really focusing on how to improve the user experience of their SocialNetwork.

You can sign up on the waiting list to be one of the first users to try the new version of facebook’s newsfeed  here :

Switching to English

Hi Guys !

So I haven’t been working on this blog project for a long time but I decided to write my posts in English instead of French. The purpose of that is to make tis blog’s content more accessible for all the non-French speaking people out there 🙂

See ya !

Redesign de facebook Ă  la sauce windows 8

Le designer Australien Fred Nerby nous propose un nouveau design du plus grand rĂ©seau social du monde dans le cadre de son projet « Facebook – New Look & Concept »

Dans cette succession de slides, ce designer nous propose une version de facebook inspirée du design du nouveau windwows 8.

Accueilli avec une succession d’eloges par la communautĂ© artistique du web, nous ne savons pas encore si ce travail donnera lieu Ă  un vrai projet.


Avis aux amateurs 😉

Twitter Bootstrap

Mark Otto et Billy Gates de chez Twitter offrent un magnifique outil de développement à la communauté des développeurs web. Basé sur HTML5 et CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap fournit des outils permettant de nettement accélérer le développement de votre site web.

Le projet est entiÚrement Open Source et est mis à disposition du monde sur Github. Allez faire un tour sur la page GitHub de Twitter Bootstrap afin de vous faire votre idée.

See ya !

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